• Pot- Butter Chicken

    Butter chicken, dum in a tandoor with cover bread in clay pot , for persevere virgin aroma of great Indian spices in our pot with delicious buttery gravy with boneless chicken.

    KWD 4.25
  • Pot – Mutton Rogan Josh

    Mutton Rogan josh , a robust spicy mutton curry which is an integral part of Kashmiri cuisine(clay pot)-succulent pieces of boneless mutton cooked with land Indian spices in our pot.

    KWD 4.50
  • Pot -Butter Shrimps

    A play on the classic Indian machine, in this recipe yogurt and lime juice-marinated shrimps are cooked in a buttery gravy ,pot cover with bread finished cooked in clay oven , secret recipe of biryani pot.

    KWD 4.75
  • Makhani Gravy 

    Enjoy the flavors of great Indian spices in our delicious buttery thick gravy.

    KWD 1.65
  • Aloo Makhani

    Aloo Makhani

    KWD 2.25
  • Palak Paneer

    Palak Paneer is a quintessential Indian Vegetarian dish

    KWD 2.25
  • Palak Corn

    Palak (spinach) Corn is a delicious, healthy vegetarian dish prepared with spinach and sweet corn.

    KWD 2.00
  • Butter Paneer Masala

    A Rich , creamy and aromatic thick gravy w/ butter and paneer

    KWD 2.25
  • Kadai Paneer

    Kadai Paneer thick gravy & very flavorful and delicious dish

    KWD 2.25
  • Bhindi Masala

    Fresh Bhindi (Lady Finger) cooked with a delicious masala Masala

    KWD 2.00
  • Mushroom Masala

    Fresh mushrooms cooked in delicious thick Masala Gravy

    KWD 2.25
  • Baingan Amritsari

    Baby Eggplant Fresh and cooked with potatoes in Indian spice with tomato sauce

    KWD 2.00
  • Baingan Ka Bharta

    Baingan ka bharta. -charred mashed brinjals sautéed with onions, tomatoes and chili. A part of the national cuisines of India.

    KWD 1.75
  • Daal Makhani

    Daal Makhani , an amazing dish from North India Cuisine , thick creamy ,buttery dish

    KWD 1.75
  • Chana Masala

    Chana Masala a delicious chana curry from Punjabi (Indian cuisine ) popular in India10.65

    KWD 1.50
  • Daal Fry

    Fine Indian Lentils cooked with butter and Indian spices Real taste of indian Daal Tadka

    KWD 1.50
  • Aloo Ghobi

    Traditional Indian dish made w/ spiced cauliflower and potatoes

    KWD 1.50
  • Jeera Aloo

    Jeera Aloo- well cooks potatoes with herbs and spices & cumin seeds

    KWD 1.50
  • Mix Vegetable

    The rich hue, strong aroma and irresistible taste of this mixed vegetable ,one of the all time favorite dish for all indian.

    KWD 2.00
  • Methi Matar Malai

    Thick, mellow and creamy gravy with green peas.

    KWD 1.75
  • Gulab Jamun

    Spongy milky balls dipped in flavored sugar syrup one of the famous dessert of india

    KWD 0.95
  • Ras Malai

    Soft and spongy cottage cheese patties in dry fruit laced saffron flavored creamy milk rabri. One of the best dessert.

    KWD 1.25
  • Placeholder

    Gajar Ka Halwa

    Gajar (Carrot) Halwa,A traditional Indian Desserts made with carrots and milk . Gajar Halwa is delicious as warm or cold.

    KWD 1.25
  • Saffron Milk Cake

    Saffron Milk Cake, the cake is very soft and fluffy, soak in rich thick milk with saffron

    KWD 1.30
  • Rose Milk Cake

    Rose Milk Cake, Tress Leeches Cake is a super moist, sponge cake soaked in rich rose flavored milk sauce.

    KWD 1.30